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What Tools and Resources are available?

Running campaigns is a big part of Tobacco Control work, to gather public support from our communities on Smokefree issues. 

Current Campaigns working towards a Smokefree Aotearoa are:

Tools and Resources to help you plan

Hawkesbay District Health Board Smokefree Tool Kit

Hawke's Bay DHB Smokefree Tobacco Free Policy

Company Smokefree Policy Exemplar

Are you arranging an event/workshop? Smokefree Events Tool Kit

Smokefree Policy template for Health Organisations

Smokefree Workplace Toolkit

Smokefree Councils Tool 2014

This tool provides all the data, contacts, templates and resources used by Palmerston North in their work with advocating for smokefree councils with Palmerston North Council.

Download Smokefree councils tool 2014:



Palmerston North

Documents for all councils

Tararua – contact for information.

Smokefree Councils Implementation Kit 2008 

This toolkit provides advice and templates for working with councils. While some of the information and data may be out of date it is still a useful resource that can easily be adapted using current information.

Download Smokefree councils implementation kit 2008

Smokefree Retailers Kit 2015 

This toolkit was developed to enable advocating for local retailers to become tobacco free. It contains advice, templates and case studies that can be used and adapted to local requirements.

Download Smokefree Retailers Kit 2015

Smokefree Cars Tool  

This is a new toolkit that has been developed for local health promoters, educators and communities to use in advocating for smokefree cars in their own communities. It provides information, resources, templates and case studies that can be utilised and adapted to your needs.

New Smokefree councils tool under development

A new smokefree councils toolkit that combines the best features of the old Smokefree councils implementation kit 2008, and newer Smokefree Councils Tool 2014, in an easy to follow step by step guide. It also contains resources, templates, information, advice, current data and case studies from Palmerston North, Canterbury, Auckland and Australia.


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