The treatment team

A team of health professionals will provide your treatment and care. The team may include a:

  • radiation oncologist – specialise in the use of radiation to treat cancer. This doctor is responsible for your overall treatment

  • registrar and house surgeon – doctors who are part of your medical team 12

  • medical physicist – is responsible for ensuring the quality of radiation equipment, your treatment plan and the software used to deliver your treatment

  • radiation therapist – plans and delivers your treatment. They specialise in the care of patients who are receiving radiation treatment

  • oncology nurse – specialise in the care of patients with cancer

  • dietician – gives nutritional advice to those who are affected by cancer and the side effects that treatment may cause

  • social worker – helps to provide emotional and practical support to you and your carers

  • speech-language therapist – helps with your rehabilitation if cancer or treatment has affected your ability to talk or swallow. Students may be present at times during your radiation treatment, but only if that is okay with you.

“When I was having my treatment I used to ask a lot of questions, but staff were always happy to answer, even if I’d asked them before.” Garry