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The following pages contain videos of real life stories about smoking, how it affects children, how it affects your health, and about quitting.


What smokers really want – Smokefree nurses campaign

Smokefree Nurses Aotearoa/New Zealand builds on the work of Pauline Allan-Downs who spent a lifetime promoting smoking cessation. Grace Wong is the current Director of the group which supports nurses in their vital role of helping clients and patients quit smoking.

Smokefree Nurses deliver smoking cessation programmes to their clients and patients, and have produced a range of videos to show how different nurses deliver brief stop smoking interventions with different patients, by listening to what the smokers really want.

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Te Ara Hā Ora

The purpose of Te Ara Hā Ora is to work with Māori to take action to eliminate tobacco from Māori communities

Ānana. Koia kē tā tātou tikanga. Nows that's our tikanga.

Te Ara Ha OraCheck out his and many more Māori  ‘Tobacco, not our tikanga’ videos on Te Ara Hā Ora’s Facebook page.

Tobacco played no part in our history and is now sadly entrenched in our present. Working alongside whānau we aim to keep tobacco out of our future. Tobacco, not our tikanga.

Working alongside whānau, hapori and other Māori leaders, Te Ara Hā Ora are going to keep tobacco out of our future. We will be a Tobacco Free Nation again.


Stop before you start

The Health Promotion Agency produced five videos to show how a relationship is started with cigarettes when you start smoking, and how smoking can affect your day to day life.

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Aukati KaiPaipa




Sela and Pua talk about smoking and quitting

Did you know Pacific people have the second highest smoking rate in the country? The Heart Foundation’s Pacific Heartbeat team have teamed up with Sela and Pua from Flava FMs SnP Show to do something about it.

Not taking it up in the first place’ is the first of these four videos and tackles the issue of why people start smoking in the first place.

Sela and Pua

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We copy what we see, Quitline Crayons

Quitline have produced a range of videos showing real life scenarios where children copy what they see – people smoking, often their parents – this is the 'Crayons' campaign.

The Crayons campaign was developed by Māori Television in August 2014. It targets people in high smoking prevalence populations and aims to encourage quitting by showing the negative impact smoking has on children.

The campaign focuses on children who come from a loving, happy home in which the adults around them smoke. As a result, the children believe smoking is normal. We see them mimicking the adults smoking using crayons as they amusingly pretend to blow out smoke and light their crayons

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