Let's be Smokefree

What are we doing to make our communities smokefree?


Smokefree Communities

Everyone has a part to play in keeping the next generation smokefree. 


Smokefree Workplaces 

Workplaces can do more to improve workers' health, save money, and increase productivity. The Quit Group offers advice and support on creating a smokefree workplace as well as practical assistance in helping your staff stop smoking. Visit their website for further information.


Smokefree Schools

School teachers and administrators play an important role in helping make the next generation smokefree. The Smokefree Schools website supports school communities to make their schools truly smokefree. 


Smokefree Homes and Cars

Make yours a smokefree home and car. It is the most important thing parents can do to protect their children from smoking, apart from quitting. Children copy what they see, so make sure you are a good role model, quit today.


Smokefree Councils

Many New Zealand Councils have smokefree outdoor area policies. Most playgrounds, swimming pools, and parks, now smokefree. Increasing smokefree outdoor areas is an important part of achieving the New Zealand Government's goal of a Smokefree 2025. 

The less young people see smoking the less likely they will start.

Make sure your council has a smokefree policy, keep your outdoor areas smokefree for your children.

Increase smokefree outdoor areas.

Here you will find a range of research, case studies, templates along with examples of policies and evaluations to assist and support you.


Smokefree Marae                   

An increasing number of Marae are declaring themselves smokefree. Te Hotu Manawa Māori (now Toi Tangata) run the Marae Auahi Kore programme which is designed to assist and support Marae to achieve Auahi Kore status.


Smokefree Iwi

Like Marae, an increasing number of Iwi are coming on board and declaring themselves a step ahead of smokefree, tobacco free – Tupeka Kore. Ngati Kahungunu Iwi have launched their Tupeka Kore strategy. For more information, please visit their site.


Smokefree 2025