Our Health Promotion goals

At the Cancer Society of New Zealand, we are committed to helping reduce the incidence and impact of cancer on the community. Cancer affects many of us and is a major cause of disease, disability and death in New Zealand, with 21,050 new registrations and 8,891 deaths in 2011 (Ministry of Health 2015). To lessen this impact, we need an organised approach to reduce the number of people who die from cancer and improve the quality of life of those who are diagnosed.

As part of our approach, the Cancer Society has a set of objectives and purposes, including:

a)     Providing supportive care and information to people affected by cancer, their families/whanau and carers.
b)     Encouraging, organising, supporting and funding research within New Zealand into the prevention, treatment and cure of cancer.
c)     Delivering health promotion programmes  focusing on cancer prevention.
d)     Leading advocacy across the cancer continuum
e)     Promoting education about cancer for health professionals and publicising progress made in research and treatment.
f)      Working collaboratively with other organisations  who share similar goals to the Cancer Society.

Cancer Society staff also participate in  Regional Cancer Networks which were set up by the Ministry of Health in 2008. These networks have District Health Boards (DHB’s), Primary Care, Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s) and Consumer representatives.

The national Cancer programme provides a focus for cancer control and for system-wide improvements across cancer services.