Celebrating our student volunteers: Salina Sos

Salina Volunteer 600x400

It's Student Volunteer Week! We'd like to acknowledge the hard work of our student volunteers supporting us and New Zealanders affected by cancer. Read what National Office student volunteer Salina Sos has to say about volunteering for the Cancer Society.

During my last year of university I realised I needed to make the most of my opportunities, especially after developing an interest in marketing and communications which wasn’t what I studied – I majored in Human Resources and Management. I saw on Career Hub that the Cancer Society were looking for a communications assistant and instantly applied.  I knew it would be an opportunity to meet new people and gain valuable experience, while being part of a good cause.

When I started my volunteer role I did not expect to meet such wonderful people!

The team were friendly and made me feel welcome from my first day. I had the opportunity to build my network and connect with different people from various backgrounds. I love learning new things and that’s exactly what the role allowed me to do! I gained a deeper understanding of the work of the Cancer Society, picking up useful administrative skills and working on their website.

After six months of volunteering, I finished my studies and was lucky to land a job as an office administrator and marketing coordinator - straight out of university. I believe my volunteer role made the difference in my job hunt as I had developed skills from this experience that made my CV stand out.

My advice for students is to go out there and get involved as a volunteer! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. It opens more opportunities for you, to meet new people, increase your knowledge, or dedicate time back into your community. Giving spare time to help non-profits can give you a sense of accomplishment and excitement in life!

The Cancer Society are currently looking for a volunteer communications assistant email angie@cancer.org.nz.