Junk Free June

Eat healthy, raise money, get free stuff. Go #junkfree this June.

Junk Free June

Junk Free June is an annual fundraising event that challenges Kiwis across the country to give up junk foods for 30 days while raising money for the Cancer Society. 

Everyone's 'junk' is different. Junk Free June encourages people decide for themselves how they're going to be healthier and we reward them for making a difference. Everyone who takes part will unlock prizes by fundraising and be entered in a draw for great prizes from our sponsors.

It will come as no surprise that nutrition has a big impact on health, but did you know that making positive nutritional choices can reduce the risk of many cancers?

Our ambassadors including Rachel Hunter, Amber Peebles, Art Green and Taika Waititi are already on board... are you prepared to join them this June?

Visit www.junkfreejune.org.nz to find out more. Share your #junkfreejune escapades via social media, chat with us @junkfreejune and help us spread the word.