Food preparation tips

  • Use a stick blender, counter-top blender, or food processor to blend soups, salsa, mince and sauces so they are easier to swallow.
  • Make your home-made, canned, or packet soup more nutritious by adding noodles, lentils, macaroni, and/ or extra vegetables.
  • Add cream, cream cheese, custard, ice cream, margarine, vegetable oil, milk, or cheese to your meals to add extra calories if you need to gain weight.*
  • Pureed meals can be stored in containers and frozen to use later. If the meal is too thick after defrosting add more water or milk.
  • Pureed meat often loses its colour and flavour.
    – Try adding tomato paste or puree, soya or Worcestershire sauce, herbs, and mushrooms.
  • Pureed vegetables, such as silverbeet and other green vegetables, can look dull and unappealing.
    – Try adding a little mashed potato or add a small amount of instant potato flakes to help improve the appearance and texture.
    – Tasty combinations include swede and carrot, carrot and parsnip, and beans and parsnip.
  • If your mouth is very dry, try milkshakes blended with ice blocks and a small amount of vegetable oil. The oil* helps to coat your mouth.

* Oily foods can also help moisten your mouth. Go easy on the amount if you are overweight.

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