Eating or dining out tips

You may have to eat more slowly. If you are going out for dinner it may help to eat a little before you go. You may find it easier to both chat and eat if you choose smaller, soft textured meals.

  • If eating at a friend’s house, it may be helpful to let them know what you can eat.
  • If you can, plan ahead and choose a restaurant which has a menu that suits your needs.
  • Ask for tap water at your table.
  • Cut your food to bite-size pieces: it will make it easier to chew and swallow.
  • If possible, rinse your mouth at the end of the meal.

Going to a barbeque or a hangi? 

  • Bring your water bottle because there might not be a good source of water where you are.
  • Try to find out whether there will be any sauces, gravies, or dips available or bring your own.
  • If you are short for time, call into a supermarket or dairy on the way and buy a can of tomato puree or tomato-based sauce.


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