Foods high in calories (energy) and protein

Use these foods when you are not eating well or you are losing weight.

Butter, margarine, oil, mayonnaise, dressings, avocado, coconut cream

Use with bread, rice, pasta, vegetables, when frying, in salads, dips, and in curries, or casseroles if you can tolerate these foods.

Milk, skim milk powder, cream, ice cream, evaporated or condensed milk, cheese, sour cream, cream cheese

Use in puddings, fruit, cereals, sauces, soups, in casseroles, on vegetables, in salads, on biscuits, and in drinks.

Double strength milk

Sprinkle three tablespoons of skim milk powder into 600ml (one pint) of milk and whisk until the powder is dissolved.

One or more of the following can be blended into a glass of milk:

  • yoghurt
  • ice cream
  • skim milk powder
  • mashed/pureed fruit
  • powder/liquid flavourings
  • essences
  • cordial.

Nuts and dried fruit

Snack on these between meals or add to cereals, puddings, and salads.

See our ready to go snack recipe.


Add to soups, vegetables, and dried bean dishes.

Peanut butter, honey, jam, marmalade, golden syrup

Spread on bread, crackers, and baked products. Add to porridge or puddings.


Add to drinks, desserts, and cereals. Use ordinary cordials and fizzy drinks rather than ‘diet’ or low calorie versions.

Eat cakes, biscuits, baked products, chocolate, and sweets between or after meals.

Pickles, chutneys, pate, hummus, and other dips

Add to crackers, bread, and in cooking.


Choose fluids that provide energy; for example milky drinks, cordials, non-diet drinks, soups, and juices.

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