Eating well, feeling better

Eating good food is important when you are well, and it is also very important when you are receiving treatment for cancer.

It is important that you eat well so that you will:

  • feel better and have more energy
  • get the most benefit from your treatment with fewer side effects
  • improve your body’s ability to heal, and to fight infection
  • maintain a healthy weight.

If you are thinking about making a dramatic change to your diet, look at your choices closely and discuss them with your cancer doctor or dietitian.

Once a cancer has developed it cannot be cured through diet alone. Many unproven dietary treatments, particularly those that cut out whole food groups, such as meat or dairy, may not provide enough energy (calories or kilojoules), protein, or essential nutrients. This can cause unwanted weight loss, tiredness, and decrease your immune function. Your recovery and quality of life can improve if you eat a healthy diet.

There is no evidence to support claims that special diets or single nutrients, such as a particular vitamin, can cure cancer. Some diets or nutrients do no harm, but there are some that are harmful and can interfere with the success of your treatment.

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