Life after treatment

For many people, cancer is a life-changing experience. Adjusting to life after treatment may take time. What used to be normal may not feel the same. Your experience of cancer may cause you to think carefully about what’s important to you and develop a changed outlook on life, values and priorities.

While you are giving yourself time to adjust to life after cancer, your family and friends will also need time. They have been through a difficult time and they may need a period of rest and re-adjustment. There are many different things you can do to take care of yourself after your treatment.


  • Pace yourself in new and old activities.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • Resume previous activities, such as hobbies or sport.
  • Share your concerns with health professionals, family/whānau and friends.
  • Learn relaxation exercises.
  • Make time for fun and laughter.
  • Counselling can also help you adjust to life after cancer.

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