Making decisions about treatment

Sometimes it is difficult to make decisions about what is the right treatment for you. You may feel that everything is happening so fast that you do not have time to think things through. It is important not to be rushed into a decision; it must be the right one for you.

While some people feel they are overwhelmed with information, others may feel that they do not have enough. Understanding your illness, the possible treatment and side effects will help you to make your own decisions.

If you are offered a choice of treatments you will need to weigh their advantages and disadvantages. You may want to ask your cancer doctor whether the benefits of treatment outweigh the side effects. If only one type of treatment is recommended, ask your doctor to explain why other treatment choices have not been advised.

"At first I wondered if ignorance was bliss, but after a week I thought 'No'. It's my body and I want to know what is going to happen, and I want to know if I make a decision what will happen." Silei

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