Research plays a crucial role in reducing the incidence and impact of cancer. Every year the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society provides funding for research, conducted both regionally and nationally, into the causes and treatment of cancer.

Dr Michael Jameson

Regionally, we have supported Dr Michael Jameson, Consultant Medical Oncologist at Waikato Hospital for the past seven years. 

This year, Michael and his team are continuing to work on a number of research projects including investigations into:

  • Statins to improve effectiveness of radiation and chemotherapy
  • Ketogenic diet to improve outcomes for brain tumours
  • The effect of different types of selenium on breast cancer with BRCA gene mutations

We also support the Waikato Breast Care Register. This valuable tool for clinicians can ensure there is effective assessment and reporting for over 95% of all women with newly diagnosed breast cancer in the Waikato.

Last year, the division contributed over half a million dollars to research, including $385,250 to the Cancer Society of New Zealand's $3 million national research fund. From this, major research projects are funded and numerous scholarships are awarded for health professionals to undertake further study. Find out more about nationally funded Cancer Society research here. A further $132,500 was donated to local cancer research. 

New Zealand Cancer Control Trust

The New Zealand Cancer Control Trust was established in February 2001 with initial funding from the Cancer Society of New Zealand and the Child Cancer Foundation. The Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society was one of four divisions to contribute funding with the intent of providing continued support for people affected by cancer.

The Trust aims to:

  • reduce the burden of cancer on the people of New Zealand
  • oversee the development of a national cancer control strategy (NCSS) for New Zealand
  • develop a concept for a national cancer control agency
  • consult with, inform and educate consumer, professional and relevant Government and non-Government agencies about the need for a national cancer control strategy
  • monitor the implementation of a national cancer control strategy.

Click here for more information and the latest updates from the Cancer Control Trust please.