A Home Away From Home During Treatment

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For many people with cancer, getting the care they need means they must travel away from home. 

The Cancer Society’s Lions Lodge in Hamilton provides free accommodation, meals and support for people who travel long distances for cancer treatment at Waikato Hospital. The Lodge hosts a range of services for guests as well as local people affected by cancer, including educational and wellbeing programmes, massage therapy and support groups. With your help we can provide free accommodation and support to people who need it.


A day at the Lodge


6.30am Breakfast 

Porridge and a continental breakfast available until 8.30am.

7.30am Transport to treatment

377 WaiBOPCS 21Mar2018 3600pxOur shuttle driver arrives to take guests to treatment at Waikato Hospital.

Every week the shuttle makes 59 return journeys and travels 354km.

9.00am Check in

Lodge volunteers arrive to help new guests check in before heading to the kitchen to unpack deliveries and prepare lunch.

9.30am Massage

Massage therapy on site supports the physical and emotional wellbeing of guests and other Cancer Society clients who are undergoing treatment.

10.00am Nurse visit

Cancer Society supportive care nurses visit clients staying at the Lodge to offer support and a listening ear.

10.30am Morning walk

A weekly organised morning walk takes guests and other Cancer Society clients to nearby Lake Rotoroa.

12.00pm Lunch

The cow bell tells guests when lunch is ready with soup, savoury muffins and sandwiches on offer.


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1.00pm Information programme

A local physiotherapist holds a monthly information session about managing lymphoedema — a common side effect of cancer treatment. It’s one of many programmes run at the Lodge throughout the year which focus on promoting healthy lifestyles, managing side effects of treatment and improving self-care. 

1.30pm Kitchen preparation

Volunteers join our chef in the Lodge's kitchen to help prepare the evening meal. Guests are welcome to lend a hand preparing vegetables and peeling potatoes. 

Michael Mick Kelly 13.00pm Relaxation

The Lodge’s spacious, modern lounge overlooking Lake Rotoroa is an ideal place to relax with a book from the well-stocked library or to enjoy the occasional music performance by a volunteer or guest on guitar or the Lodge’s piano. 

5.45pm Dinner

Guests enjoy a homestyle meal like chicken casserole with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables — perfect comfort food to make guests feel at home and to support their wellness as they undergo treatment.

During the week, the Lodge kitchen produces 12 meals for up to 78 guests.

7.00pm Evening activity

Evenings provide an opportunity to socialise with other guests, take part in planned activities like bingo, cards or karaoke, or just relax in the TV lounge.

11.00pm Night support

Our overnight supervisor clocks in to ensure all guests have support — if they need it — 24 hours a day. 


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Your support will ensure we can continue to open our doors to people affected by cancer. Donate today by visiting cancernz.org.nz/donate